Thursday, July 10, 2008

upside down again...

I know I promised kite flying today, so maybe that will get done this evening. When I opened these pictures of The Bugman, and had just posted his silly upside downness (yeah, made that word up) last night, I thought I'd stay on the same topic.

We're (OK, there is no "we" its daddy) is building a fence to contain the monsters in the backyard. It has been quite a process and it appears it may never be done. Its a good thing appearances can be deceiving because its really quite pivotal that it gets finished. Anyway, while daddy was out working on the fence the Bugs and I went out to help. And by help, I mean mommy taking pictures, Bitty trying to escape the backyard, and Bugman doing what Bugmen do best, hanging upside down on the tunnel to the slide.

upside down 1
"Hee Hee, look at me!"
upside down 2
"I'm so silly!"
upside down 3
"This is 'supa' fun!"
upside down4
"Ummm... I think I'm done, help please!"

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