Monday, February 7, 2011

beach day

I haven't written a lot about the boys preschool in the past.  When we were thinking about preschool for Alex two years ago, our sitter didn't transport kids.  Fortunately, she agreed that if another parent and I decided on the same preschool she would drive the boys there and pick them up!

The preschool closest to her house had mixed reviews from a few parents that I talked to, but we enrolled the boys there anyhow and hoped for the best.  Can I just say how much I LOVE our preschool?  It is perfect for my kids (especially Alex).  It is very play based with a lot of focus on socialization, which he greatly needed, being our super shy guy.

They also do a great job of introducing age appropriate pre-reading and math skills.  The beginners class (which Alex was in last year, and Kellan is in this year) does lots of nursery rhymes, books and crafts, counting, name writing, fine motor skills, etc.

Alex's pre-K class is doing lots of work on letters/sounds, early writing skills, fine motor, etc.

Last week was "Sea Life" week and we got a note that Friday would be "Beach Day" in the pre-K class so the kids could wear their bathing suits to school over their clothes and bring a towel to sit on.

One think I love about Alex's teachers this year is that they e-mail us pictures of special events.  I think that these capture his personality (around adults) very well :)

Alex quote of the day: "I've never worn my swimming suit over my clothes before."