Wednesday, August 22, 2007

so THIS is what they were talking about

I would say that about 6 months ago, I insisted Alexander had begun the 'terrible twos' stage. Although he continued to be an angel in public, and for the sitter, we did have some meltdowns in the privacy of our own home. I really thought this would be no big deal, and the vast majority of the world would never even know about our little rotten one... and then he officially turned two.

The big two year birthday weekend was a busy one, with our b-day shopping/ice cream on Friday, party on Saturday, and then a family reunion on Sunday (with eating at 1:00, which happens to be nap time). Now, that was a jam packed weekend for me, and I'm quite a bit older than 2. They weekend went by without a hitch, even with our missed nap on Sunday. Monday started out just like any other Monday, and then I decided to go to the grocery.

I typically do my grocery shopping in the AM before Daniel heads to work, or late at night after he gets home. This particular day I thought I would just take the boys along, especially since we didn't need much.

First I must paint you a picture, because, while this seems quite normal to me these days, and I can't possibly be the only mom that does this, I do get some awkward looks. Imagine this... one cart, one toddler (in the front seat), one car seat (in the basket of the cart), and groceries piled UNDER the cart. Seems reasonable to me. Apparently I'm the only one trying this (although again, I can't be the only mom who takes two small children to the grocery alone... right?)

Our trip was going quite well, then we hit the cereal aisle (did I mention it was 7:30 PM? and Alex had missed his nap the day before?) Kellan was of course being the best baby ever (he is also not two yet) chewing away on a fabric octopus rattle. Bugman decided that he needed a box of cereal. We didn't need cereal, seeing as there are probably 7 boxes of cereal in our basement (they were on sale, OK). I calmly told him that we had cereal at home and it was not on our list today. (He is my 'helper' when we shop and holds our list.) I thought the matter was resolved, and we turned the corner to cruise the next aisle.

I was mistaken, wails of 'CEREAL, CEREAL' came screeching out of this child. No big deal, I'm sure by the end of the aisle, it will be fine. Again, I was mistaken. By the end of the next aisle the entire store is filled with shrieks, and screams from one little two year old boy. Then came the stares. Not the 'look at that crazy mom with food piled on the bottom of the cart' stares, but the 'it sounds like she must be beating her child' kind of stares. I had to make a decision, leave, or stay and finish (we were almost done at this point.) I decided to finish. This decision came at precisely the exact moment I saw blood trickling out of Bugman's nose. As if things couldn't get worse, I had no Kleenex in my purse. I took a deep breath, and asked another woman in the aisle if she had a Kleenex. She didn't. So there I stand, wiping my son's bloody nose on my shirt in the grocery store.

To make the rest of a long story short, we left with one more sippy cup that we don't need, and a little boy pretending there was something in it to drink.

This week, I'll be going to the grocery alone.

Monday, August 20, 2007

better late than never

I am finally getting to posting Alexander's 2nd b-day pics. After his party, I got so busy trying to get ready for school, I have been a slacker on the blog. Yes, it is once again time for school. Only this year we are opening a brand new building, which means a lot more work before the year officially begins. My favorite part of my new room... THREE FLOOR TO CEILING WINDOWS!! Anyone who had been in my previous 'cave' knows this is a big deal.

Alexander started his birthday celebration Friday morning with a brand new tricycle waiting for him in the livingroom. Mommy and Daddy had put it together the night before. Perhaps I should say Mommy put it together, Daddy took it apart and put it together correctly (Hey, I try).

We went to Toys-r-Us where The Bugman picked out his first Hotwheels cars, and then headed over to Graeter's for some icecream. Of course, a couple of the new cars came along.

Saturday was official party day.

Playing Peek-a-boo with 'Ashy'

Playing in the pool.

Playing with new toys.

A Blue's Clues Cake

Learning to hit a Pinata.

A lot of candy for two kiddos.

After the pinata festivities were over, and there was a dog head hanging from a tree, and a body on the ground... I began to question this whole pinata thing...

We did manage to get a picture of Bitty Bug and his little cousin Jacob wearing matching shirts. And when I say little cousin, I mean 6 weeks younger. Shorty and his cousin are about the same height, although Kellan wins in roundness!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

just like mommy

Anyone who knows me knows that I DO NOT like to get out of bed quickly. I prefer to just kind of easy into the day, perhaps doze off a few times before I actually get up. Well, lucky for us, the Bugman is just like his mommy. Somehow we have been blessed with a child that has no urgency in getting out of bed in the morning, or after his nap. Actually, if you go into his room to get him up, he will refuse, unless he is ready.

This has been wonderful. As we hear Bugman in the morning, we know that we can still ease into the day, because he will sing songs, read books, or talk to his fishy for a good twenty minutes before giving a holler for "MOMMY!" (Always mommy, therefore I feel obligated to go down and get him out of bed instead of sending daddy down.)

As you can see, Bugman's bed is rather crowded. You'll always find at least one book, two 'wonda bears' (his Pooh bear loveys), a baby Pooh doll, a glow worm, a dog that plays music, and always, always, his fleece duck blanket, that the child sleeps under no matter what the temperature. (apparently another of his mommy's traits, as I ALWAYS have a comforter on... wouldn't want the Boogy Man to get my toes!!)

Friday, August 3, 2007

kellan's new tricks

Awhile back, I promised pics of Kellan's newest trick. Well, as we knew from the beginning, when he showed up almost a week past his due date, the child has a mind of his own. As soon as I would get the camera out, he would just lay there smiling, not moving, no tricks. So finally, 2 1/2 weeks after his debut, I bring you Kellan, rolling from BACK to FRONT:

Since then, we have had a 4 month visit with Dr. Eisenhut (Dr. Cata was out on vacation.) Kellan is doing well, and hitting all of his milestones. His official stats:

14 lbs 0oz (40th percentile)
24 1/4" long (30th percentile)

So he is turning into a little munchkin, other than his big ol' noggin, which was in the 50th percentile.

We have also learned a BRAND NEW TRICK! Wednesday evening Kellan managed to sit up, leaning on his hands! He's getting to be such a big boy! (Please ignore the 'dollop' of spit up on his collar!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hi All! I just wanted to pass on a little info to all of the moms out there. I just read about a large recall by Fisher Price involving excessive amounts of lead paint on some toys sold between May and August of this year.