Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas '08 - part 1


I'm finally getting around to looking at all of our Christmas photos from the past few weeks. We had a crazy array of family Christmas events to attend this year starting the Saturday before Christmas at my grandparents' house. The Bugs did their usual "hang on Mommy's leg" routine for the first few minutes, but eventually warmed up to everyone and had lots of fun with their cousin Anna.

After dinner there was a little ice cream eating

There was lots of playing after the present opening.
A few horsey rides,
Kellan was very sad when he wasn't allowed to have any more party mints (after eating very little dinner)... how can you say no to this face??? and he even signed "please."
And last but not least, what would a family gathering be without at least one weirdo...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I wonder who he gets his expressions from????

Love you Sissy! You can thank me later :)~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ten on tuesday

1. I know that we've been rather absent as of late and I've gone from "not so good blogger" to "worst blogger ever." I promise to work on it. I will also apologize for the lack of pictures today. We haven't taken many pictures the past few weeks, and what we have is still on the camera.

2. I've been keeping myself busy reading the "Twilight Saga." If you aren't aware of these books you should be. If you have been avoiding them because they are "cheesy, young adult, vampire books" run to the nearest book store and buy them ALL immediately. You won't regret it, I promise. I haven't read a fiction book for fun in YEARS, and have read a good 1200 pages in the past week (which consequently also means I haven't slept in the past week, cleaned my house, parented my children, bathed, eaten, cooked, or anything of the sort....oops) Maybe that was a slight exageration. All I can say is "Edward Cullen... SWOON!" (The book Edward, not the Movie Edward.)

3. Bitty has had his first "nasty" cold of the season. It upset his tummy to the point of throwing up Friday at Miss Kim's, so daddy spent the day at home with the bugs. They had an eventful day of chasing birds out of the fireplace and around the house. There may have even been a failed attempt at feeding the poor thing a peanut before he was finally released.

4. Bugman had his yearly check-up with Dr. Liston last Thursday. He's been having his eyes checked yearly since he was 9 months old when his crazy Mama thought he was cross eyed. He has inherited an astigmatism from his crazy Mama and Pappaw and will be sporting some new glasses the next time you see him. Don't worry, he picked out some frames with "race car stripes" on them. We'll see if he keeps them on.

5. Ashley and I braved Black Friday for the first time this year. We predicted that we would make it to one store, have an anxiety attack (or two), hit Starbucks, and be home by 5:00am. Turns out we had a great time left home at 3:45, hit Elder Beerman, Sam's, Wal-mart, Target, Office Depot, (Starbucks), and Kohl's and were home by about 11:30. We have a date for Black Friday 2009.

6. What do you all want for Christmas? The Bugs are finished but I'm still at a loss for most of you. Feel free to leave your requests in the comments section. Thank you, Santa.

7. Thank you to whoever ordered High Five for the Bugs. I ordered Bugman a subscription last year for Christmas and was getting ready to renew for this year. What a surprise when a new copy arrived addressed to both Bugs. I think I know who you are, so THANK YOU, and we'll see the 3 1/2 of you on the 20th!! (Let me know if I'm wrong).

8. Daniel and I are looking for a good Tuesday evening show to watch. Our current schedule looks a little something like this:
Monday - Privledged
Tuesday - Stare blankly at one another
Wednesday - Private Practice
Thursday - Gray's Anatomy (My FAVORITE)

9. Bitty bug is just about graduated into 12-18 month clothes (especially all the already washed hand-me downs from his brother). WOO HOO that kid is a growin! (Did I mention he is 20 months old??)

10. Did I just say 20 months old?!?!?!? My Bitty Baby is going to be 2 in less than 4 months. Sigh. Maybe its time for another...

J/K... not anytime too soon anyway!