Thursday, May 27, 2010

so, we live at the doctor's office

Bennett has been attempting to set some new records in trips to the doctor's office (or perhaps doctors' offices would be more appropriate).  Before we were released from the hospital on May 7th, the pediatrician wanted another bilirubin level done, as apparently little man's levels were a little high the day before.  Depending on the results, we were either going home, or staying a little longer.  They came back at a 12, so we were able to go home, but instructed to go to the office in the morning for another check.


Appointments 1 & 2 - pediatrician and blood lab

Saturday morning (May 8th) we heading to see Dr. E. to have a bilirubin recheck.  We were then sent to a blood lab with the understanding that if the results came back above 15 that Kettering would come to our house to set up a bilirubin blanket.  We were hopeful that this would not happen, but thankful that we wouldn't have to return to the hospital, but could treat it at home. 

When Dr. E called later that afternoon, Bennett's levels were 13.5, so they had gone up, but not into the danger zone.  He wanted me to continue to nurse, but only 10 minutes on each side, and then follow up with an once of formula.  The goal was to get him to the "shooting poop across the room" stage as quick as possible to rid his body of the extra red blood cells. Success!


Appointment 3 - One week checkup

Our pediatrician sees babies for "well check-ups" at one week, two weeks, and then not again until two months (unless your an Alldred, apparently).  We saw Dr. C for Bennett's one week appointment.  She said that his color looked fabulous, which was a relief to hear.  He weighed in at 8lbs 4oz (he came home at 7lbs 11oz), which meant that he was back up to his birth weight (typically a two week goal!)  I wasn't surprised, as both Alex and Kellan gained almost two pounds in their first two weeks home.  (Alex went from 6lbs 13oz to 8lbs 13oz, and Kellan went from 8lbs 12oz to almost 11lbs.)

During his newborn screening at the hospital the doctor noticed Bennett had a "clicking" hip, which meant that his hip joint was loose.  He said that this can be caused by one of two things.  First it can simply be loose ligaments from all of the excess estrogen (that loosens women's ligaments for childbirth), or it could be a problem with the formation of the joint.  Dr. C noticed that it was still loose a week later, so we were referred to Children's for an ultrasound on his hips (thank goodness for the new Children's in Springboro... it saved us some drive time!)


Appointment 4 - Two week check-up

Last Wednesday we went in for Bennett's two week well baby appointment with Dr. C again.  Daniel and I made guesses at what his weight would be.  I guessed 9lbs even, he guessed 8lbs 12oz.  Little man came in at 8lbs 9oz, making him the smallest of all three boys at two weeks.  I was a little concerned that he had only gained 5oz (typically babies gain ~1oz/day at this age), but Dr. C wasn't concerned, as he had already reached birth weight the week before.

Dr. C. felt that his hip was not as loose as it had been the previous week, but still wanted us to go for the ultrasound that was scheduled for the next day.

She also dabbed his belly button with a little silver nitrate, as his cord stump had fallen off, but he still had a nodule that had not completely dried up.


Appointment 5 - What the...

When we got up last Thursday I took Bennett's PJs off to change his diaper and was shocked by his belly button.  Not only was it oozy, (which the silver nitrate had appeared  to dry up) but a big piece of skin had fallen off and he had a VERY red and raw spot. 

Before I called the pediatrician I called Daniel for his opinion (I might tend to over-react... occasionally) on whether to call or not, he agreed that I should.  Luckily they had a AM appointment available so we dropped Alex off at preschool and Kellan and I took Bennett back to see Dr. C. 

Dr. C. said that she had never seen this happen before, but his baby skin is so sensitive that the silver nitrate ate/burned the skin off.  Poor little munchkin :(  She prescribed an antibiotic ointment (to the tune of $110... thank goodness for insurance!) to prevent infection since it was so close to his explosive, unpredictable bottom half.

A week later I am happy to say that his belly button is completely healed up.

Later that day...

Appointment 6 - Ultrasound

That afternoon was his hip ultrasound, which I really felt was precautionary at this point.  (Along with the dr. feeling it was tighter, he didn't have any of the risk factors.)  Friday morning I was relieved when a nurse called from the peds office, thinking they had a nurse call because everything was normal.  In reality, the nurse called to give us information about the pediatric orthopaedic surgeon they want us to see because the ultrasound was abnormal.  And that is all of the info we have at this point... well, except for what I found on Google, which is usually a bad idea.

This leads us to appointment 7 tomorrow morning.  I'll update when we know more!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

meeting the brothers

My babies tend to decide to make their appearance when we have other plans, or on days that are slightly inconvenient.  Alex arrived hours before Aunt 'Cole left for a trip, Kellan arrived on the day Aunt "Ashy's" state teaching evaluation, and I anticipated that this little guy would show up the day of Aunt "Ashy's" baby shower.  He held off four more days and arrived on the day of the big kids' hair appointment, which was really no big deal.  Daddy left the hospital, ran into work for a few minutes, picked the boys up at Miss Kim's and took them for their haircut (and thankfully got one for himself as well!) 

After a quick dinner, they headed over to the hospital to meet their new brother.  Kellan was immediately elated.  He climbed up onto the bed with me and wanted to hold "Baby Benny the Jet Rodriquez" (he may be a little obsessed with the movie "The Sandlot.")


We quickly learned that while he was immediately in love with this new little brother, that he would love him to death if given the chance.  He wanted to "help" him open his eyes, carry him across the room "all by myself," and get as close to his little face as possible.


He also didn't want to give anyone else a turn holding the Bennett.  The only thing that came in a close second was Mommy's "bandaide" (from my IV), and the five hospital bracelets on my right arm. (My favorite being the "fall risk" yellow bracelet from my epidural.)


"Kellan, whatever you do DON'T smile at Daddy!"  ... works like a charm :)


Alex was a little more apprehensive about holding his newest little brother.  I think it was mostly "Stage fright," as Aunt 'Cole, Uncle Josh, and Uncle Nick were also visiting.  Anyone who knows our biggest kid knows that he does not like to be the center of attention.


He was eventually coaxed into visiting with Bennett with the promise of a Hotwheel.  Yep, that's my kid :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

first bath

At the hospital last week we found out that a few things had changed since the last time we had been there.  In the "old days" you delivered, fed, and visited briefly with your new baby.  The baby was then taken away to be bathed and monitored for a couple of hours.  When we went in this time we found out they no longer take the baby away from you after delivery. 

The nurse came into our Mother & Baby room that afternoon to give Bennett his first bath, which was fun for me as I never got participate in the first bath with the big kids.  And by participate, of course I mean sit in bed and watch :)








Photos by Aunt Ashy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

bennett nicholas


May 5, 2010
8lbs 4.3oz

We're doing great and looking forward to coming home later today!