Saturday, June 30, 2007

kellan rolling over

I'm not sure how this is going to work, but I am attempting to upload a VERY short video clip of Kellan rolling over. If it works, there will be more to come....

Friday, June 29, 2007

what month is this anyway?

It doesn't seem that three months could have come and gone so quickly, but that is how long we have been a family of 5 (yes 5, not 4, we would not want to leave out Max). For Kellan's three month birthday he was blessed with the gift of his first baby cold. Poor little guy :( I do have to admit, I think that we are suffering more than he is. He is a happy, smiley little guy, as usual... that is, until about 4:00AM when he wakes up unable to breathe out of his little nose. This is where the mommy and daddy suffering comes in. We were enjoying our mornings of sleeping until 7 or 8, and now we're not only up at 4:00, but putting saline drops in his baby nose, and using the awful 'booger sucker.' It has been a very sorrowful task. I thought that it was June, but apparently at our house its more like January.... ear infections, coughs (both Alexander), and now a little baby cold.

We also have a sneaking suspicion that teething has begun for both boys. Alexander has been holding his left jaw, and sticking his fingers into the back of his mouth (two year molars perhaps), and Kellan has been spending his days drooling and chewing on anything that comes into contact with his mouth, his favorite being his little arm.

Kellan has also become our 'binky baby.' Its so funny how things change with your second baby. Alexander was not given a binky (mommy rule #26), only on the rare public screaming occassion. However, the rule has been broken, shattered even, with baby #2. Now we never leave the house, or even the room without one handy, just in case.

I think this is one of the cutest pics of 'Baby Kel,' as Alexander now calls him. How can you not fall in love with that smile!?!

Here it is again in B&W.

Friday, June 22, 2007

welcome to the beach

The boys Great Grandpa Swartzel built them a sand box. Now, we're not talking just any sandbox, this thing is big enough for the whole neighborhood to play in. I believe that if you sat in it, and turned on some ocean music, you would think you had gone to the beach. (Let's hope that is true, because that will be the only vacation we'll be going on this summer!)

Grandma and Grandpa delivered the sandbox Tuesday morning, but Alex had one question....

"Grandpa, where's the sand?!?!"
Well, the sand arrived Wednesday afternoon, and Alexander got a quick course on how to fill a sandbox.

1. Use your level to ensure all sides are level to the ground.

2. Use your wheel barrow to bring the sand around. (Just make sure you are the one riding in the wheel barrow. This is much more fun!)

3. Wiggle your toes around in the sand to make sure there's plenty.
4. Jump around and pack down the sand with your feet.

5. Fill a bucket.

Kellan had a great time playing outside in his sun hat...
And even decided to try out the sand box.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

Never Turn Your Back

As both a teacher and a mom, I've always been told "never turn your back for a second." We all know that the minute you lose your focus, something terrible (or funny, or unexpected) is bound to happen. Well, I did it, I turned my back during lunchtime yesterday. Alex was eating lunch and Kellan was getting hungry. I walked into the living room to give Kellan his binky, and I swear I wasn't gone more than 20 seconds. I knew better, but I did it anyway, and this is what I found when I came back into the kitchen. The little boy who has been doing such a wonderful job feeding himself with his fork and spoon, decided eating yogurt with his hands was much easier today. Of course, that did not mean easier for me, as I would be the one to clean up this gigantic mess. Never the less, I couldn't resist capturing the moment for you all to share.

Luckily for me (I think) Alex also loves to wash his hands and face.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trucks Trucks Everywhere

When we found out two years ago that we were going to have a baby boy, I remember thinking, "What on earth do you do with a boy?" Growing up with one sister, on a street of mostly girls, I didn't really know what little boys did. Well I should have guessed... they fall down, get dirty, and of course, play with trucks. Alexander has been busy lining up all of his trucks, cars, and trains all over our house. Anywhere that he has been you are sure to find a perfect little line of these vehicles.

We find them in the playroom. We find them in the middle of his bedroom floor.

We find them in the window sill


And if you're lucky, you'll even catch the 'Bug Man' in the act.

Two years ago, I couldn't imagine what I'd do with a little boy, and now I can't imagine what I'd do without him.

Note to all family: We have lost ALL of our photos from last summer and this fall (i.e. 1st b-day, halloween, etc.) If you have any, please e-mail them to me @ THANKS!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Saturday evening we had tickets to see the Dayton Dragons with Grammy and Pappaw Green. We left Kellan at home with Aunt Ashley, and took Alexander along. As we arrived at the game (a little late of course) we witnessed a home run. Unfortunately we were standing directly under the scoreboard and fog horn things. To say that they were loud would be an understatement, and they frightened Alexander to tears.

The remainder of the game went well (though a little someone got a little antsy during the last two innings). Alexander loved the scoreboard, and music and was dancing between the seats. I believe that we have a 'ba-ball' fan on our hands!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Kellan @ Two Months

Kellan had his two month appointment with Dr. Cata this Thursday. We were surprised to learn that our 'giant' baby is actually 2 oz less than Alexander was at 2 months, and 1/2 in shorter. Who would have guessed??

His official stats are:

12 lbs 4 oz (75 percentile)
23" long (50 percentile)

These days Kellan
  • can roll from his belly to his back (both ways)
  • is trying to roll from his back to his belly (no success yet)
  • is full of smiles
  • has found his voice and loves to babble and squeal
  • likes to sit upright in his Bumbo sitter

Friday, June 1, 2007

Who Knew?

....That I could keep a secret!! This blog is not about the boys, but I couldn't resist. I've been helping my good friend, Jessica's boyfriend Travis get ready for his proposal for the past two weeks, and today was the day!

Their story: Jessica and Travis have dated on and off since their
highschool days at Lake High School in Hartville, Ohio. Things finally got very serious last summer on their trip to Italy (how romantic, right?!?!) Over the past two months they've been ring shopping and had picked out 'the' ring. He was to pick up the ring last weekend, but told her that he wasn't able to because he
was so busy getting her flat tire fixed. Little did she know...

This is where I come in... Two weeks ago I get a call from Travis, asking me to help him plan his proposal, and he wants her students to help. Of course I'm exciting to be in on a secret... but can I not let the word slip?! My job was to organize everything at school. I got permission from our principal, let
Jessica's principal for next year (her former cooperating teacher) know, made sure that our teammates got coverage for their rooms so that they could attend, got a 'babysitter' for Jessica to make sure she was in her room as I snuck him
into the building.

So after playing dumb for the past two weeks, and feeling incredibly nervous all day (if anything goes wrong its my fault, right) I met Travis at the side entrance to our school and snuck him back to our music room, where Jessica's students were. They were each given a letter, and the spelled out "JESS WILL YOU MARRY ME?" She was paged to the music room to take care of a 'situation,' and found her students lined up and pretty much the entire staff in the music room (except those teachers who got stuck covering our classes, so that we could be there).

Travis popped out of the corner, and had the students hold up the signs.

Before we could hear an answer there was an attack of hugs from the kindergartners.

And then the momentAnd the tears

And finally, the answer we were all waiting for!Congratulations Travis and Jessica!