Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ten on tuesday

What better way to start September than by getting back onto the blogging bandwagon! To fill you in on our latest happenings I figured a ten on Tuesday was called for.

1. Bugman starts preschool next Tuesday!! How on earth did my first baby get to be SO big?!?! His daddy is taking him tomorrow morning for a "meet and greet." His mama is pretty upset that she is going to miss it :( Bugman is VERY excited to go to school and has his best buddy from Miss Kim's house in his class, along with 3 other kids from our neighborhood. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get much better than that.

2. In preparation for preschool Bugman also had his four year physical. I am proud to announce that he is officially above average in height!! 60th percentile, 40.5" to be exact. Maybe there is hope for these shorties after all. He also had his flu shot, which daddy figured warranted a trip to the Waffle House and Target.

3. Bugman isn't the only one hitting "big boy" milestones around here. Bitty had a big summer, transitioning to a big kid bed, learning to pedal his trike, and potty training!! Woo hoo!! No more diapers in this house (just the "safety" pull-ups at nighttime).

4. We spent the summer doing a mini-remodel of the living room. So far it's included new paint, a stripped and painted fireplace, refinished hardwoods, new baseboards, and new tile in front of the fire place (thanks Grandpa!!). We still have crown molding to install, a few shelves to hang, and are shopping for the perfect (inexpensive and durable ) furniture. I'll post before and after pics when we finish up. I'm crossing my fingers for this weekend.

5. Bitty had a fever the weekend before school started. The first day of school I got a call that Bugman had a fever. Yes, this is our life. Bitty is still coughing, mommy is now coughing. Bitty has snot down to his lip ALL OF THE TIME. I'm concerned I will be trotting around school with snot down to my lip next week. At least in a K/1 building I will fit in ;)

6. We're having family pics taken in November over Thanksgiving Break. An old HS friend is going to be in town and is having holiday mini-sessions. We've been wanting a family pic for awhile. Woo Hoo!! Check out Beth's work
here and here.

7. September 12th the Bugs and I are walking the Komen Race for the Cure 5k with a team from my school. The Bugs are signed up for the "fun run" around the baseball park afterwards. They're raising money to fight breast cancer. Wouldn't it be cool if they raised more money than anyone else on our team?? Here's how you can help. Go to our
team page. Click on either of the bugs' names. Make a donation. You support the littlest walkers and help fight breast cancer. Easy peasy.

8. On top of my cough I have gotten up with hives on my legs three mornings in a row. I have two nasty blisters on my heals... they bleed on my socks and shoes when I run. I'm exhausted from "training" 42 new kindergartners. My thumb nails look like something from a horror movie. I think its an iron deficiency. I'm a mess. I'm done complaining now. Thank you.

9. Over the summer the bugs experienced their first Websters concert. The Websters are a Cincinnati cover band that Daniel and I, along with several of our friends go and see about once a month. The shows are not typically family friendly. This one was. They boys had a blast and Bugman still talks about it. I have video of my dancing fools. I might get around to posting it. I make no promises.

10. I have lots of pictures from the summer. Trying to catch up on all of that blogging stresses me out. I'm thinking we'll just move forward from here. I'll post pics soon. We have a lazy three day weekend coming up. I can't wait. Please don't invite us anywhere. I'm not taking off my PJs for three days. And although I may complain a bit... Life if Good :)