Friday, February 20, 2009

bad mommy

I've mentioned before that Bitty is constantly covered in bumps, bruises, scrapes, etc. Some would venture to call him accident prone, but I would disagree. I think of accident prone as someone who is clumsy (think Bella in Twilight... yes I'm still obsessed). Bitty is just plain fearless and rarely acknowledges pain.

Bitty was playing in the basement last night while I was on the elliptical, attempting the burn off off the FOUR brownies I accidentally ate yesterday. (One downfall of working with all women... there are ALWAYS goodies laying around). He still wanted to play when I was done, so I came up, got some water, sat at the kitchen table by the basement door and started chatting with the Daddy. Bitty is usually pretty good with the stairs, but we keep an eye on him and are constantly reminding both bugs not to play on the stairs and that they can't continually go up and down. Do you see where this is going???

Mommy was not paying attention, Bitty decided to come up and lost his balance a few steps up. Being the panic-y, I don't know what to do, freaker-outer I am, I sent Daniel racing to see what happened. Then I peaked down and saw his mouth covered in blood. The good news is that he has all of his teeth and mommy and daddy knew not to go to the ER (after Bugman's split lip last year). The bad news is that this poor little man has some pretty big boo boos :(

Mommy of the Year then took Bitty to Miss Kim's this morning, knowing in her gut that she should stay home with him. All went well until he tried to eat and hit his lip on his sippy... it was downhill from there. I picked the bugs up and we snuggled on the couch this morning, and then both boys took a GIANT nap this afternoon. Bitty seems to be feeling alot better already,but looks a little something like this...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the chief

G-town has a brand new fire chief. Well, officially has a brand new fire chief. Papa has been acting chief for awhile, but last night was the big council meeting that sealed the deal. More on that later, once I recharge my camera battery and upload the photos from the big evening.

Our job for the reception afterwards was to get some pics of the Bugs in Papa's old fire helmets. While they aren't the most technically correct photos (aka out of focus), I will toot my own horn and say that they still looked pretty awesome matted and framed at the Depot :)

Without further adieu, I give you the fire chief's grandbug's.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Bitty - 25 things


1. is fearless

2. loves to jump off of furniture

3. do to this love has a huge bruise on his forehead

4. usually has a huge bruise somewhere on his body

5. is predicted to be the first brother to have stitches and a broken bone

6. weighed 9lbs 1oz at birth and was in the upper percentiles

7. quickly dropped to about the 10th percentile and earned the name Bittybug

8. is now usually referred to as Bitty Buns, Buns, Kel, Kel Bel, Kelly Belly Bunzos, or Bunnies

9. has no buns

10. thinks Daddy is the best thing since sliced bread

11. wears 12-18 month clothes (some 9-12) at almost 23 months

12. tries to do everything his big brother does

13. Red Hat, Blue Hat by Sandra Boynton is his current fave. book

14. is very spoiled by all of the "big kids" at Miss Kim's house

15. has persuaded Max to be his friend

16. pulls said friend's tail frequently

17. loves a good Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk from the ever favorite Starbucks

18. Daddy thinks he is the 'most cutest baby in the whole world"

19. Mommy thinks daddy is right

20. his parents are not at all biased

21. was almost named Jacob

22. has a cousin 6 weeks younger than him named Jacob

23. has a new found love of green tea with honey

24. still thinks Play-doh is for eating

25. can't wait to have legs long enough to ride a tricycle