Tuesday, July 15, 2008

other people to visit

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you'll see my list of other places to visit. I'm not sure if any of you have visited these places yet or not, so I will give you a run down of who/what they are.

Its All About Me - Meet the Bugs' cousin Anna! Inspired by me (I sware she really said that!) Sonia just started a blog for us to keep up with Miss Anna. Anna is 6 weeks younger than Bitty Bug, and one day younger than the Bugs' other baby cousin Jacob (Anna is on my side of the family, while Jacob is on Daniel's side). Lots of you already know Josh, Sonia, and Anna so go check them out!!

Jordan Krogman Photography - I love Jordan's photography style, as well as her dialogue about her two girls (Peyton & Emmy) and her brand new baby boy (Hudson).

Matt, Liz & Madeline - I'm not sure how I came across Matt's blog, but I check up on them everyday. Matt and Liz welcomed their first daughter Madeline March 24th and Liz passed away 27 hours later. Matt chronicles the day to day survival as both a single dad and widower (he's doing an amazing job.) Warning, you WILL cry and Matt has a potty mouth.

Mommin' It Up - Moms/cousins Emily and Jenny give a hilarious, pee your pants from laughing, commentary of their lives as moms. They also review various baby/toddler items, and you can witness Jenny's mad couponing skills. I found out shortly after I began reading, that I went to school with Emily!

PicturesbyTracy - You all know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tracy, who photographed Ashley's wedding, and also photographed the Bugs back in the fall. She just photographed her first destination wedding in Turks and Cacaos (which I don't think I spelled correctly).

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Definitely stop over and see Ree, city girl gone rancher who homeschools her four children. Somehow she doesn't fit my mold of what I envision those "crazy homeschoolers" to be. I promise you'll laugh until you pee your pants at her daily tales of calf nuts and cow manure.

The other two blogs listed are private, so you can't actually go there. Eleven Months Apart is written by Janice, an Ohio mom of two (who are - get this - 11 months apart.) She has the same camera as I and I have loved watching her skills grow! Ainsley is the daughter of my high school friend Brooke. I wish you could read it. It is written by her husband, from Ainsley's point of view and will make you pee your pants.

PS - I don't pee my pants - in case you were wondering.

I love this pictures of the Bugs :)

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