Saturday, November 24, 2007

its beginning to look alot like christmas...

We (and by 'we' I mean 'I') usually put up the Chrismas tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year we were a day late. I am not one to climb into our attic on my own, and this happens to be where we keep all of our Christmas bins and trees. To be funny, Daniel decided to let me get everything out of the attic. Now, our attic is a door inside Daniel's closet that is very dark, and very scary. Many things could live in this dark space... ghosts, bats, serial killers... the possibilities are truly endless. This being said, until Daniel finally gave in at about 9:00 last night, nothing came out. So, today was the day, and we have a tree, lights, ribbon, and the new star Alex picked out from Target (our favorite place to frequent). We have yet to put any ornaments up yet. Perhaps it will happen tomorrow, or perhaps we will have a Christmas without ornaments, in this house, you just never know what may, or may not happen. Alexander did manage to partially decorate one of his two trees. He has a small white tree that holds all of his baby ornaments and lives in his room, and a miniature green tree that he is allowed to decorate and touch. He had a great time putting his jingle bells on, but about halfway through he realized that the jingle bells were the perfect size for his pockets. He managed to stuff about 6 ornaments into each pocket. They were then emptied onto the end table, and by bedtime, were scattered across the livingroom floor. I guess we have two trees to decorate (or not)tomorrow!

Kellan and Daddy were very busy today too....

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Now that Bitty is mobile, it seems that he is constantly (and by constantly, I mean every 10 minutes) falling down and hitting his head on something. The crawling doesn't seem to be much of a problem, it is the pulling up and cruising (yes cruising... again, mommy is fearing an early walker.) I don't remember Bugman being covered in bumps and bruises until after his first birthday, but perhaps I've just forgotten. Yesterday we had our first big, ugly bruise.

I had the day off to take The Bugman to his eye appointment and was getting ready in the bathroom. Bitty was playing in the playroom, which is pretty babyproof, or so I thought. Apparently he decided to pull up on, and then to attempt to crawl over, Bugman's firetruck. There was a pretty loud bang, and then very loud crying. I found Bitty in between the firetruck and the toy shelf. I scooped him up and checked out his noggin. Everything seemed to be fine. Bitty went to Miss Kim's for a few hours while we went to the eye doctor, and when I picked him up, Kim commented on the ginormous bruise on this forehead. She asked if I had noticed it, because she didn't think he could have gotten it at her house. The long slanted bruise was obviously from his fall earier, as it looked like the edge of the shelf. Poor Bitty :(

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

almost normal

Ok, so calling our family 'normal' may be taking it a bit far, but as of Monday, we are a little closer to what I would consider to be so. A few posts back I had to delete some potentially exciting news because it was not official yet, and apparently there are a few readers out there that either worked with Daniel at Rey Rey, or know someone who worked with Daniel at Rey Rey. I was repremanded firmly for attempted to spread some NEW JOB info before all i's were dotted and t's were crossed. Well, now I can spill the beans (in case anyone didn't know, or figure it out)... Daniel has a new job! Better yet, his job title now includes the word "engineer!" He started this Monday at Leis Medical in Vandalia. From what I understand they do something medical and the man behind the company had the last name Leis. I'm an amazing wealth of knowledge aren't I?

For our family, this means no more 12-9 shifts, no more single daddy in the morning, no more single mommy in the evening, and we may have some clean laundry occassionally. We've even managed to sit at our kitchen table 4 nights in a row. The four of us were able to head the 'book store' to play with the 'twain' together. Well, Alex played with the train, Kellan slept in his carseat, I caught up on some gossip magazines, and daddy read about bartending (ummm, yeah, I don't know.... maybe he's already decided he needs to escape from us and become a bartender by night? Perhaps he's planning a 'stock the bar' party for our nonexistant bar? Maybe it was the first thing he saw when we walked in?)

Perhaps with our new 'normal' life, I'll have a little more time to update you all with Bugman and Bitty stories and pics! I have quite a few antecdotes to share, and pics on the camera just waiting to be uploaded... and unfortunately grad work to finish tonight... perhaps tomorrow? Stay tuned...

Whose swing is this anyway??