Friday, June 1, 2007

Who Knew?

....That I could keep a secret!! This blog is not about the boys, but I couldn't resist. I've been helping my good friend, Jessica's boyfriend Travis get ready for his proposal for the past two weeks, and today was the day!

Their story: Jessica and Travis have dated on and off since their
highschool days at Lake High School in Hartville, Ohio. Things finally got very serious last summer on their trip to Italy (how romantic, right?!?!) Over the past two months they've been ring shopping and had picked out 'the' ring. He was to pick up the ring last weekend, but told her that he wasn't able to because he
was so busy getting her flat tire fixed. Little did she know...

This is where I come in... Two weeks ago I get a call from Travis, asking me to help him plan his proposal, and he wants her students to help. Of course I'm exciting to be in on a secret... but can I not let the word slip?! My job was to organize everything at school. I got permission from our principal, let
Jessica's principal for next year (her former cooperating teacher) know, made sure that our teammates got coverage for their rooms so that they could attend, got a 'babysitter' for Jessica to make sure she was in her room as I snuck him
into the building.

So after playing dumb for the past two weeks, and feeling incredibly nervous all day (if anything goes wrong its my fault, right) I met Travis at the side entrance to our school and snuck him back to our music room, where Jessica's students were. They were each given a letter, and the spelled out "JESS WILL YOU MARRY ME?" She was paged to the music room to take care of a 'situation,' and found her students lined up and pretty much the entire staff in the music room (except those teachers who got stuck covering our classes, so that we could be there).

Travis popped out of the corner, and had the students hold up the signs.

Before we could hear an answer there was an attack of hugs from the kindergartners.

And then the momentAnd the tears

And finally, the answer we were all waiting for!Congratulations Travis and Jessica!


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  2. Jessica and TravisJune 2, 2007 at 7:37 PM

    We love you Leanne...maid of honor! Love Travis and Jessica!!!!