Friday, June 29, 2007

what month is this anyway?

It doesn't seem that three months could have come and gone so quickly, but that is how long we have been a family of 5 (yes 5, not 4, we would not want to leave out Max). For Kellan's three month birthday he was blessed with the gift of his first baby cold. Poor little guy :( I do have to admit, I think that we are suffering more than he is. He is a happy, smiley little guy, as usual... that is, until about 4:00AM when he wakes up unable to breathe out of his little nose. This is where the mommy and daddy suffering comes in. We were enjoying our mornings of sleeping until 7 or 8, and now we're not only up at 4:00, but putting saline drops in his baby nose, and using the awful 'booger sucker.' It has been a very sorrowful task. I thought that it was June, but apparently at our house its more like January.... ear infections, coughs (both Alexander), and now a little baby cold.

We also have a sneaking suspicion that teething has begun for both boys. Alexander has been holding his left jaw, and sticking his fingers into the back of his mouth (two year molars perhaps), and Kellan has been spending his days drooling and chewing on anything that comes into contact with his mouth, his favorite being his little arm.

Kellan has also become our 'binky baby.' Its so funny how things change with your second baby. Alexander was not given a binky (mommy rule #26), only on the rare public screaming occassion. However, the rule has been broken, shattered even, with baby #2. Now we never leave the house, or even the room without one handy, just in case.

I think this is one of the cutest pics of 'Baby Kel,' as Alexander now calls him. How can you not fall in love with that smile!?!

Here it is again in B&W.


  1. I love the black and white picture of Kellan! You're turning into quite the photographer. All of your reading on photography is paying off =)

  2. He is so cute!!! Thanks for the link, YOU ARE AWESOME!!
    Jenny & Emily (the Mommin' It Up Cousins!)

  3. That smile of Kellan's melts my heart! You are becoming the best photographer and author ever! I think you could have a career writing!