Friday, June 22, 2007

welcome to the beach

The boys Great Grandpa Swartzel built them a sand box. Now, we're not talking just any sandbox, this thing is big enough for the whole neighborhood to play in. I believe that if you sat in it, and turned on some ocean music, you would think you had gone to the beach. (Let's hope that is true, because that will be the only vacation we'll be going on this summer!)

Grandma and Grandpa delivered the sandbox Tuesday morning, but Alex had one question....

"Grandpa, where's the sand?!?!"
Well, the sand arrived Wednesday afternoon, and Alexander got a quick course on how to fill a sandbox.

1. Use your level to ensure all sides are level to the ground.

2. Use your wheel barrow to bring the sand around. (Just make sure you are the one riding in the wheel barrow. This is much more fun!)

3. Wiggle your toes around in the sand to make sure there's plenty.
4. Jump around and pack down the sand with your feet.

5. Fill a bucket.

Kellan had a great time playing outside in his sun hat...
And even decided to try out the sand box.

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