Friday, June 15, 2007

Never Turn Your Back

As both a teacher and a mom, I've always been told "never turn your back for a second." We all know that the minute you lose your focus, something terrible (or funny, or unexpected) is bound to happen. Well, I did it, I turned my back during lunchtime yesterday. Alex was eating lunch and Kellan was getting hungry. I walked into the living room to give Kellan his binky, and I swear I wasn't gone more than 20 seconds. I knew better, but I did it anyway, and this is what I found when I came back into the kitchen. The little boy who has been doing such a wonderful job feeding himself with his fork and spoon, decided eating yogurt with his hands was much easier today. Of course, that did not mean easier for me, as I would be the one to clean up this gigantic mess. Never the less, I couldn't resist capturing the moment for you all to share.

Luckily for me (I think) Alex also loves to wash his hands and face.

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  1. p.s. I am still looking for any photos that anyone may have of Alexander from last summer and fall! Thanks!!