Thursday, October 23, 2008

john wayne hayes

john wayne hayes 2
Sunday Grandma and Papaw Jerry stopped by our house and told us about John Wayne Hayes, the man riding his horse from Michigan to New Mexico. He left home earlier in the month and had made his way to New Lebanon. He stayed the night in the field next door to my grandparents and they had gotten the chance to meet and talk with him. He was heading towards Germantown on Sunday, so while my grandpa and Daniel worked on fixing the Saturn we went to look for him. We spotted him near the highschool and pulled over to take a picture and let Bugman see his dog and horses (Bitty fell asleep in the car).
john wayne hayes
He was incredibly friendly and stopped to chat and take a few pictures.
john wayne hayes 3
He gave Bugman his first piece of gum (which he swallowed). Someone was rather shy, so mommy got her picture taken too (in her oh so attractive Sunday Sweats :)
john wayne hayes 3
...And then he was on his way, hoping to make it to his next stop by dark.

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  1. Just heard about him and saw him twice in Santa Fe within the last week. Didn't stop to talk to him, but his story is awesome. Would love to have him over to hear his stories along the way. Thanks for the post!