Tuesday, April 29, 2008

bugman's big week - part 2

As if seeing Go Diego Go Live! wasn't enough excitement for one week, the Shrine circus was at UD Arena this past weekend as well. We decided that this would be a great family outing and packed up the Bugs and headed out. I'm embarrassed to admit that we never made it to the zoo last summer (I blame it on having a newborn at the time), so Bugman has never seen many of the animals he reads about in books. To drive this point home, when we went to the pet store for a new fish a few weeks ago, he asked where the monkeys were, humoring many bystanders. Needless to say, Bugman was very interested in the elephants and the tigers at the circus, and has been busy telling anyone who will listen that the "big tiger pee pee water on that floor," which was apparently the most memorable event of the circus. While the animals were exciting, the trapeze, jugglers, etc. were nothing special to the Bugman, and he asked to leave after intermission. Of course, the minute we walked out the door, he threw a fit wanting "more circus." He's about as indecisive as his mother. He did walk away with a $.50 blow up elephant that Mommy forked over $8 for... highway robbery, I tell you!

(His cheeks were full of 'nanola' bar.)

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