Sunday, April 27, 2008

we're still here...

We've just been a little sidetracked with work, school, and baking homemade dog treats, but that is a story for another day. Seeing as today Bitty is 13 months old, I figured it was time to post some pictures from his birthday party... which was three weeks ago. Does life seem to go a little more quickly each year, or is it just me??
Bitty's birthday was my last day before spring break, so we decided to have his party the last weekend of break, so that I could get the house ready for guests. Half way through the week, as my list only seemed to get longer, I wondered why we bother... seriously those of you who were here for the party are very well aware that our house is usually a semi-disaster, who do we think we're kidding?? I guess its more of a motivator to get those little things done that we never seem to find the time to do (like finally hanging window treatments up in the playroom... oh wait, that still didn't get done!)
Back to the matter at hand, the partay. We had a little fish theme going, really for no other reason than I liked the picture of the cake at
Ele as I aimlessly flipped through their idea book. Did I ever mention that I LIVE for their whipped icing? Apparently I'm not the only one because I saw several people devour more than one piece at the partay... I however had only one piece, I prefer to stuff myself with cake after everyone leaves and then tell myself it never happened, but again that is another story for another day.

Since Bugman's 1st b-day, they have also come up with a "Smash Cake," which is just what it sounds like, a perfect little cake for smashing. Seriously, have you ever seen anything this cute... other than my children?? And it totally coordinated with the big cake. Love it, love it, love it!

The Piglet was super psyched to dig into his cake, as he tends to be anytime food is within sight.

Did I mention that this was called a "Smash Cake," with the purpose being to smash it? Apparently no one gave Bitty the message, because he very mannerly picked all the icing off the top and ate it.

We patiently watched and waited. All of the cameras were ready for the big smash, to be followed by smearing of cake and icing...

Yeah, well, it never happened. While Bitty was covered in icing, much more cake went into his belly than anywhere else. Did I ever mention that this child likes to eat??
And because I didn't post them before, here were the official one year stats:

Height - 29" - 25th percentile

Weight - 19lbs 7oz - 10th percentile

Head circumference - 46.7cm - 65th percentile

If I were to guess, I would say that Bitty has grown quite a bit in the past month. After all, he is proudly wearing 6-9 month clothing...

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