Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mmmm, mmmm

Someone loves chocolate cookies... just like their daddy!! Can you guess who it is??

We're super busy around here, with the end of school coming up. I've been busy with assessments and paperwork, and parties. The parties really aren't so bad. We have a bridal shower for Jessica Thursday after school, a retirement party right after that, a going away happy hour next Wednesday, and a baby shower next Thursday. Oh, and I volunteered to MAKE all of the cards for these events. What was I thinking??

Until we're back up and taking pictures again, I suggest you check out Ree at The Pioneer Woman. She's an amazing photographer, and absolutely hysterical, and she has some pretty awesome give-a-ways. She makes me wish I lived on a cattle ranch, homeschooling my four punks... well, almost anyway.

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