Tuesday, April 1, 2008


...the best word to describe our little one year old. Bitty thinks he is big stuff these days, and insists he can do anything his big brother can do. He also insists he can do things his big brother is afraid to do. He is constantly climbing on anything he can get his short little legs up onto. The other day, for example, the two boys had one of their little rocking chairs backed up against the back of Bugman's Anywhere Chair. They climbed up onto the rocker and dove over the top onto the cushy arm chair, flopping off onto the floor. Somehow, everyone came out with no rugburn on their foreheads.

Yesterday at the pediatricians office, Dr. Cata commented on how active Bitty is, as he was trying to climb onto the shelf under the exam table, then asked if he would be the one they would be seeing for broken bones and stitches. I could only agree and cringe a bit at the thought.

As if we had just been forewarned, last night, Bitty climbed right up onto the toybox (his favorite perch), and got his shirt caught in the lid on his way up. As we watched him try to get loose, his shirt suddenly freed itself, sending him over the edge onto the fireplace base. Luckily it wasn't the tile that gave him trouble, it was hitting his cheekbone (perhaps cheekfat would be more appropriate) on the edge of Bugman's race track thing. This is how he woke up this morning:

"Life is rough I tell ya."

"You wouldn't even believe what happened folks"

"Traumatizing, I tell you, just traumatizing."

"I think I'll try it again after breakfast!"

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