Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Over Christmas break Alex brought home his writing journal from preschool.  Our job was to add a few entries about our break.  While he knows his letters, letter sounds, and can sound out words to write, he still has some trouble forming all of the letters he needs.  As a teacher, I know that this can cause frustration with writing.

We have some Kumon workbooks (even though I'm not a "worksheet" teacher, I {heart} Kumon workbooks at home for basic skills).  Alex has been working on letter formation, number formation, number identification (1-30), and scissor practice.  I found out that he also knows all of his color words and can figure out what colors to use on his color-by-numbers!

Kellan has been doing some pre-writing skills (horizontal, vertical, slanted, and curved lines) as well as scissor practice.  He's pretty pumped about moving into his letter writing in a few weeks.

The boys got fold up "desks" for Christmas, which are perfect spots for them to sit and work in the afternoons.


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