Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wednesday morning Kelbug got out of bed and immediately asked if he could go downstairs and play Wii.  In the spring/summer/fall the Wii stays off pretty much all of the time, but in the winter the boys get some time to play and would play ALL day if we let them (we don't).  When I told him he could have some time after preschool, but needed to eat and get dressed he told me he had a tummy ache.

I let him know that if he was sick he would need to stay in bed, but he still needed to get dressed to take Alex to school.  He quickly decided he would miss his friends and his "tummy ache" vanished.

Friday morning he told me he was sick again and after a similar conversation he went to school.  When I went to pick the big kids up, the first thing Kel told me was that he had a tummy ache.  I assumed he needed to use the restroom and would feel better.

Friday afternoon he put himself down for a nap.  Hmmm.  Not typical around here. Shortly after waking up he headed to the bathroom with a tummy ache and I heard a cough and a splat soon after.  Ugh.

The stomach virus that has been traveling around had hit our house!  he went back to bed as soon as he was cleaned up and I brought up an old TV and turned a movie on for him.

A few hours later he was up and feeling much better so The Daddy gave him a milkshake.  ?!?!??!

He showed up in our bed at 4:30, said his tummy felt better and then got sick in our bed.  Fun stuff.  Very fun.

Luckily today he seems to be on the mend.  Alex went to the grocery store with me this morning and we stocked up on BRAT supplies.  Alex also asked for donuts for being a good helper and picked out a box that had some of Kellan's favorites for the next morning. (Awesome big brother... absolutely :)

The rest of the day went a little something like this:

"Can I have a donut?"

"My tummy doesn't hurt.  Can I have a donut?"

"All my germs are gone and I don't have a  'tomach ache.  Can I have a donut?"

Tomorrow buddy, tomorrow.

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