Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ten on tuesday

In an attempt to get better at posting, I'm going to try a few blogging tricks I've learned. So, here it is, our first 'Ten on Tuesday.'

1. Bitty Bug officially hit the 6 month mark last Thursday. I'm not sure when 6 months passed by, it doesn't seem that it could have been that long. He is a commando crawling king, and is starting to pull on the rails of his crib (so he can peek out the bedroom door, and see what we are up to.)

2. The Bugman knows all of his uppercase letters. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but it is reassuring that we are doing something right. He also asked me to write the letters ALXE the other day. (By the way, he know more letters than some of my students... scary, but true.)

3. I recieved all the possible points on my first round of papers for my master's class (woo hoo, go me!)

4. Daniel is the Contact Management Rock-Paper-Scissors champion. He will be representing his team in the building wide competition.

5. I am sewing the boys Halloween costumes this year (because I'm crazy). Does sewing one pair of sweatpants (and a hair scrunchy) in 8th grade, constitute me as a sewer???

6. The Bugman has been getting up at 5:00AM. Enough said.

7. The Bitty Bug has been getting up at 5:00AM. Again, enough said.

8. Max fell down our stairs this morning, which was quite tramatic. He appears to be uninjured, but I anticipate he may be sore tomorrow. I wanted to carpet our stairs and bedroom for this very reason. I was vetoed.

9. Bitty Bug has his 6 month appointment tomorrow, and both boys are getting their flu shots. I will post Bitty's official stats tomorrow.

10. The boys are getting their pictures taken next week by Tracy, who did Aunt Ashy's wedding. Mommy is super duper excited!!!

and... what's a post with a photo...

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