Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ten on Tuesday... a day late!

First, a few photos of The Bugs...

1. Bitty is beginning to climb... into his carseat, into the swing, into his bouncy seat. Bugman was not a climber. I am not looking forward to the trouble we are going to get into!
2. I turned around yesterday and saw Bitty standing up, holding onto the
gate with one hand. I feared he would let go and walk across the room. Is it wrong to wish he would stay stationary for the next three years???
3. Keeping up with our Wednesday visits to the pediatrician's office, Bitty went last Wednesday. The verdict - Croup and an ear infection (sound familiar?) He had a dose of steroids and came home with an antibiotic.
4. Today is Wednesday... we did not go to the doctor.
5. Kellan is going to be a pea for Halloween. Alexander is going to be a carrot. Peas and carrots, carrots and peas... could it be any cuter?
6. The Bugs' album from their photo shoot with Tracy is up. Just go to her website or blog, click on proofs, and type the password bittyandbugman (all lowercase, no spaces), and check out all 230 pics!
7. I have been very busy looking at the boys pics, over and over and over and over...
8. I have been very busy making my colleagues look at the boys pics over and over and over...
9. The B&W pic of Bugman walking down the gravel road (featured in the blog) made our music teacher cry (yes Tracy, you are THAT amazing!)
10. We are going to The Funny Bone Friday evening with Jessica and Travis, to see Heywood Banks.

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