Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ten on tuesday

1. Our photo shoot with Tracy was rained out last Tuesday... but it was nice to have the day off anyway to spend with the boys and catch a little R&R. We were able to reschedule for last Friday after school. We had a great time at Cox Arboretum... especially The Bugman, who, literally, ran for 2 1/2 hours. I know I can't wait to see the pictures, and I'm sure you can't either, so I will let you know when they are posted. While we wait, check out Tracy's website and Blog. If you look closely, you will see some members of our family already adorn her website (think August 4, 2006).

2. The Bugman has been under the weather. We went to see Dr. Cata last Wednesday, for what we thought was a little wheezing. It turned out he did indeed have a little wheezing, but also had croup, and an ear infection (apparently the ear infection he had a few weeks ago reared its ugly head again). So, we left with a huge dose of steroids, antibiotics, and breathing treatments. He is doing much better, but still has a fairly nasty cough.

3. Bitty has now become ill as well. He had a mild fever last night, and sounded a little horse on and off today. The pediatricians office thought I was joking when I said we needed our own room. If Bitty goes to the doctor it will be our 5th visit, and 7th appointment in about 6 weeks. Seriously.

4. OK,I had to delete this possibly exciting news. More to come later!!

5. Leanne packed up all of the boys toys that were made in China. She likes to think she is just being cautious. It may also be that she is a little crazy.

6. This being said, their are no toys left in our house. Ok, so we have books, some Hotwheels, and some Lego Duplos. Other than that, its very slim pickings.

7. I found the coolest magazine for The Bugman. He is getting a subscription to High Five for Christmas (in place of the 'Made in China' toys that he will not be getting). It's the toddler version of "Highlights for Children," which I read when I was little.

8. The Bugman is super psyched about Halloween this year. He LOVES 'punkin heads,' and is constantly pointing them out everywhere we go.

9. The Bugman asked to go to Target today... perhaps a sign that we go there a little too often?

10. Bitty is starting to grow some hair. Not much, but still, its hair.

Here is a little video of The Bugman naming
his ABCs. I ran out of memory before he
finished, but you get the idea.

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  1. Hello! I'm lovin the Bugman's video, what a very smart young man:)

    I must tell you that I'm completely in love with Alex and Kellan. They both melt my heart. OK I know your super excited to see your sneak peek so run fast to my blog:0)

    Warmly, Tracy