Sunday, September 30, 2007

charge the battery, mom

If you'll recall, back in July, Bugman got a new pair of wide shoes for his chunky toes. Well, we knew that it was getting close to time to make another purchase, and I had been surfing the web for an attractive pair of shoes in a size 7.5, x-tra wide width, with Velcro. This was no small feat. Well, before I could find the perfect shoes, Bugman outgrew his current boats. How did we know? Today we had great plans to go to the park after nap time. All was going as planned until I crammed (I mean delicately placed) Bugman's feet into his shoes. Let's just say he was less than happy, and limping around yelling 'boo boo.' Off to the mall we went. 90 minutes later, we had the only pair of size 7.5, x-tra wide width, Velcro shoes in the place. Not necessarily the shoes I would have picked out, appearance wise, but they serve their purpose, and the limp is now gone.

We did manage to take a family trip to the park, although a little later than planned. I was ready with the camera, but after one picture (taken by daddy), the battery went dead. Hmm... maybe I should charge it a little more often!

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