Monday, July 30, 2007

A couple of months ago we found the cutest Nike Shox at Kids Foot Locker. Unfortunately, a few weeks later we realized that they weren't velcroing (not sure that's a real word) as well. Now, this was not due to some manufacturing defect, but was caused by the immense size of this child's foot. Alexander is by no means a large child, in fact I'm not sure that we have ever met someone his age that was smaller than him. I don't even think that his foot length is larger than average. However, we were forced to do some Internet shopping to find some decent looking shoes that came in his size. Luckily, New Balance carries this special sizing. Have you figured it out yet? Take a close look at these new shoes...

See that big red tag? It screams "I'm a child with a big ol' fat foot." Wide width, to be PC.

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