Tuesday, September 4, 2007

old macdonald had a farm....

EIEIO!! Last year we (actually, I) thought it would be a GREAT idea to take The Bugman to the Montgomery county fair. He was just learning to identify farm animals and it seemed like a logical step. Well, let's just say that he slept through the entire fair, and Daniel and I each gained about 10lbs in two hours (gotta love fair food!)

We decided to try again this year, now that The Bugman is 2. What a difference from last year! He was in awe of the animals and was so excited to even pet a few. I think his favorite part was baaing back at the sheep (at the top of his lungs, I must add.)

And of course, being the happy baby he is, Bitty Bug was content in his stroller... as long as someone stopped and flashed him a smile once in awhile!

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