Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ten signs you still have "baby weight" to lose


10. The first magazine you get in the mail post-baby has a headline of "Shrink Your Belly." You read it while eating your husband's Double Stuf Oreos.

9. You promise yourself you will get up and workout before The Bugs wake up... or even better, you'll go jogging before the hubster leaves for work. You know, starting tomorrow, only you've been saying this for three weeks and it hasn't happened yet.

8. Your pre-preggo jeans fit! ... with a rubber band around the button.

7. Your sister had a baby a week ago and her stomach is already giving yours a run for its money. Sigh.

6.  While visiting said sister in the hospital you pray that the nurses don't mistake you for a patient on the maternity floor.

5. You leave the house only with the baby in tow, so no one will ask you when you're due.

4. You try to convince yourself of the possibility that you were actually pregnant with twins and one forgot to come out.

3.   You prefer to get on the scale while holding the baby... and then pretend that he weighs 30 pounds.

2.  Weight Watchers sent you not one, but two free registration passes, and you're pretty sure someone must have tipped them off.

and the #1 sign that you still have "baby weight" to lose - The Bugs ask you why your "bunnies are eating your unnerpants."


  1. This is hysterical!!! You need to write for the paper or newsmagazine!

  2. That made me double over in laughter! Love ya!!