Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Poor Bugman has been fighting some sort of virus for the past two days. It started with, what appeared to be a slight cold with a little coughing. Monday night we went to a kindergarten "concert" at the CHS theatre and both boys loved watching the "big kids" sing - so much so that Bugman didn't want to leave and come home. As he cried all the way home he started coughing and was going horse by the time we got home. Not thinking much of it, we put the Bugs to bed and went about our evening.

Bugman found his way into the "big bed" around 5:00am sounding terrible. He was coughing, hot, and having some labored breathing. I gave him some Motrin and he stayed in our bed kicking, poking, bumping heads, and randomly flailing body parts as he tried to get comfortable.

We got up when we heard the Bitty man wake up and soon after gave Bugman an Albuterol treatment. While it did get rid of some of the congestion, he was still pretty labored in his breathing.

About an hour later I called the pediatrician's office and the nurse of the phone, hearing his breathing got us in right away. Bugman got upset that (a) he had to go to the doctor and (b) that he couldn't breath, which made matters get worse. When we arrived, they pulled Dr. E. out of another appointment to come see us.

The verdict was that he has croup, so he had a dose of an oral steroid and a different medication in a breathing treatment. Two hours later they sent us home, at which point we ALL needed a nap.

The Big Bug is doing much better today (only some coughing and occassional tightness) and seems to be fever free. He has spent the day alternating between pestering his brother, resting, and rehydrating. Check out those dark circles... oh and don't worry, we're heading out for a haircut in about an hour!


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  1. What a night you had, glad to hear you little man is feeling better, poor little guy.