Friday, June 13, 2008

school's out school's out...

teacher let the monkeys out!

FINALLY!!! School is finally over after 'the year that wouldn't end.' School was originally supposed to be over last Friday and it was, for everyone but kindergarten. After too many snow days and two hours delays, and one early dismissal kindergarten had missed too many days of school. Monday we had both AM and PM. Tuesday and Wednesday we had only AM, so we only had to work half days (which, I might add, would be the life for me :) The boys helped me go in and file the last of my report cards yesterday, and today is our first complete day of summer break!! In celebration, both boys slept until 9:00 this morning... which is a first to Bitty! I couldn't have been a happier mama which I rolled over and looked at the clock.

As an early celebration of the end of school we went to a Dragon's game last Thursday, Bugman's 4th, and Bitty's 1st. They had a great time, sporting their Dragon's gear, and munching on some stadium food.

Aunt 'Ashey' and 'Munca' Erik

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  1. Hi Leanne. Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog and checking out pix of the boys. I have it in my favorites and sneak a peek every now and then. I feel like I know them even though I rarely get to see them. They're just adorable! Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer.