Thursday, June 19, 2008

the beach at last

We made it safely to the Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort yesterday. The Bugs both did amazingly well on the ride down. Mapquest predicted it would take ~12 hours to drive straight through and we managed to make it in less than 13 1/2 hours. Not to shabby considering our backseat cargo. We lift a little after 4:00am, made two big pit stops for breakfast and 5:30. We quickly showered and headed to the Cabana Club to meet up with Jessica & Travis and the wedding crew. We snuck out to the beach, as Bugman had been anxiously waiting to 'jump that water.' The beach did not disappoint!

Does he not warm you heart?
Running to that water

dipping those tootsies (he fell on his bottom 5 seconds later)

Digging with that Daddy
and I leave you with this...

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