Friday, July 6, 2007

a whale of a time

OK, cheesy blog title, I know. Alexander has a whale shaped pool this summer, that even shoots water out of his blow hole (thank you Target sale aisle). I would say that he loves to play IN the pool, but he loves to stand on the side and let the water out, and fill up buckets to 'water' the flowers, and pour down the slide.

Today 'Ashy' came over to play in the pool too, which turned into a fun game of 'poke.' For any of you that have not played 'poke' it entails lifting the other person's shirt to show their belly (no shirt lifting needed if wearing a bikini) and then poking them in the belly button while yelling 'POKE.' Apparently its all the rage in the almost two year old group. I would love to show you some pictures of this, but I think I would be in big trouble from my bikini sporting sister, so instead, I'll show you Alex and his 'fauxhawk.'

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