Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'big water'

The boys took their first trip to the 'real' pool last Friday evening. The middle school teachers had a staff party at the G-town pool, and we were invited to come along. Our trip started on a bad note, as we stopped in to see Pappaw before heading downtown. Alexander played outside with Pappaw for awhile, and then we came in to leave. The bug man found a frog knick-knack on the fireplace, which was only about 6 inches long, but had to be may out of lead, because the sucker weighed about 10 pounds. Well, of course I said the motherly 'You're going to drop that on your toe and its going to hurt.' Not two seconds after I uttered those words (as I'm thinking 'I sound like my mom... I'm turning into my mother') he dropped that darn frog right on his big toe. There was quite a bit of screaming, discussion of whether he could have broken his toe, and then as quickly as it happened, it was over and Alexander ran over to pick that thing up again. This time, mommy put the frog out of reach. Luckily we were only left with a black and blue toe.

Off to the pool we went. Alexander had a great time in the baby pool...

...until he saw the 'big water,' AKA the big pool. I could see him dreaming of the day he could jump off the diving board.

We dipped our toes in the 'big water,' and then mommy and Alex got in. Photos of this will not be posted, as this was the first bathing suit experience for mommy since BEFORE Alex was born... not pretty.

Oh, and a little photo lesson from me to you... make sure the camera strap is out of the way before snapping and photos.

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