Monday, September 15, 2008

sharpie marker

You can probably read the title to this post and know what is coming next. Last weekend Daniel and Bitty went to a football game and Bugman and I went and played in the Target toy aisle, picked out a few cars and had dinner at Bob Evans (pancakes for dinner... YUMMY). We were watching TV in the basement when we got home and Bugman asked to draw a picture. He wanted to sit on the step and use a bin of clothes as a table. I handed him a scrap of paper and the only marker I could find.... a blue sharpie. This is what I found a few minutes later...



We tried everything to get the marker off: soap, baby oil, toothpaste... nothing worked. Luckily it wore off.... a week later. On a positive note, he did draw his first 'tadpole' person.


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  1. Bugman is way too funny! Your such a great your blog!