Monday, September 29, 2008

go dog, go!

It's no secret that Bugman has been a H.U.G.E. fan of books since the day he was born. By the time he reached his first birthday he had several favorite books, could retrieve the specific book you asked for, and would listen to stories for 45 minutes at a time. Bitty has been a completely different child. I wouldn't say he has hated books, but he has always been way to busy to sit and listen to more than 1-2 pages at a time. It has been somewhat frustrating, especially as a teacher, knowing how critical it is for parents to read to their children.

Well, in the past few weeks Bitty's tune has been a-changing. He is suddenly bringing books over to be read, looking at books in his bed, and has even found a few favorites (and by favorite I mean any book with a car/truck/boat/etc. on it)

Here he is with his daddy and big brother before bedtime.


listening intently


Bugman laughing at Go Dog, Go!


Bitty practicing the sign for book.


...and loving every minute of it!

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