Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ten on tuesday (on wednesday)

1. Good news - The nice guy at Best Buy was able to retrieve all of the pictures and grad work that was on my laptop. Because it was still under warranty they then sent it back to Gateway. Hopefully its a problem with the computer and not a virus and we won't have to pay for the repair. I still don't have it back, but am hopeful that they will call any day now.

2. School started last week. We're all still trying to get back into a routine after a pretty laid-back summer break. We've finally had the boys in bed by 8:00 the past two nights, which leaves a couple hours of down time in the evening. I watched a riveting new episode of "The Hills" on MTV. This show happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine.

3. Speaking of guilty pleasures. Who likes the Jonas Brothers? Turn up your volume and you can hear them. I really didn't mean to like them, just like I didn't mean to put a Hannah Montana/Mylie Cyrus song on my ipod. I blame it on working with five year olds. Their taste in music seems to be rubbing off on me.

4. I'm "cautiously optimistic" about my classes this year. So far they seem very controllable and pretty smart... ask me again in a week :)

5. Bitty has nastiness pouring from his nose. I kid you not, I started school last Monday, and Wednesday his nose started. I hadn't even been around kids yet, so I don't know where it came from. We're blaming allergies at this point. I'm determined to have a better winter than last year, when both Bugs seemed to be sick ALL.THE.TIME.

6. Bugman can write his name!!! Well, he can write the first four letters, which I don't think is too bad for just turning three :)

7. Bitty's new talent is blowing bubbles from his nose...

8. I haven't taken a single picture in at least a week. School will do that to a gal. We're going to get back on the wagon this week.

9. I'll be playing a little catch-up on photos for the next few days.

10. I'm planning to do a big photo order this weekend, SO, if there are any photos that anyone wants, let me know which photo, and what size (wallet, 4x6, 5x7, 40x40 to adorn you new library wall... you name it and its yours.) Just leave me a message on the post that has the pic you like or send me an email (


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