Sunday, February 24, 2008

two and a half

Its hard to believe that The Bugman could be 2 1/2 already. He was just a baby yesterday, its seems. I remember being pregnant with Bitty, and thinking that he was still such a baby, and wondering what we were going to do with two babies. Overnight, it seemed, Bugman turned into an official toddler (the day Bitty was born, to be exact). In a few short months he'll be labeled as a 'preschooler,' although I don't think he'll be going to preschool for another year. He still loves books, and reads to Bitty, and to himself, and occasionally he will read to mommy or daddy. He is learning to share, and as you can see below he was very sharing with Bitty as he filled the crib with books.
The Bugman is beginning to learn to use the potty (kind of), and asked to sleep in underpants before he went to bed tonight after making 'pee pee water' in the potty. He chose some big boy underpants with stars, and daddy convinced him to wear Diego (pull-ups) underpants for night night, as we know he would wet the bed.
Pretend play is huge these days. Its hysterical to listen in on some of the conversations Bugman's puppets, animals, and cars have. A typical conversation goes a little like this:
"Hi Dog!"
"Hi Duck!"
"Wanna play?"
"Yes, lets go park."
"What doin' Duck?"
"I slide!"

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