Monday, January 21, 2008

and the dairy cow is done

After several weeks of debating, I packed up "the mommy machine," headed to the store and bought our first can of formula ever. The guilt was rather overwhelming, but luckily it has passed (or at least lessened a bit.) Many of you know that The Bugman never had as much as a drop of formula. I had the same "personal mission" for Bitty, but I caved. I was sick of dragging out "the machine" four times a day to make sure he had enough milk to take to Kim's each day. It added 20 minutes to our morning, took up 20 minutes of my lunch at school, took up 20 minutes when we got home from school (in which the bugs climbed all over me), and postponed bedtime by another 20 minutes. I couldn't do it any longer. Lucky for us, Bitty sucked down the first two bottles Daddy fed him, although he wouldn't take any from me. We were feeling good about this, but he is refusing to take any formula for Kim. She finally got him to take a little from a sippy cup, but that is about it so far. We've added more to his lunch to make up for what he's not drinking, and are going with the philosophy that if he's hungry, he'll eat. He's still nursing three times a day also, so I feel like he's probably getting plenty and hopefully will regain some of the wait he lost during the month long cold and stomach flu.

I also realized I never posted Bitty's official 9 month stats, so here they are:

Very small with a ginormous head AKA:

17lbs 4oz (5%)
27 1/4" (10%)
head circumference - 70%!!!

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