Tuesday, December 11, 2007

couldn't resist this one!

Check out Santa's newest elves here!

Ten On Tuesday

1. My mom and I took the boys to visit Santa at the mall yesterday after school. We thought that if we went early we would beat the line, and we did. Things didn't go quite as planned. Let's just say we have a picture of Bitty Bug... alone, on Santa's lap. Better one than none!

2. Daniel finally got his infected, ingrown toenail fixed this past weekend (paints quite a lovely picture for you, I'm sure.) He said that the experience with a podiatrist was MUCH less traumatic than his previous experience at the family doctor.

3. We are attempting to finish all of our Christmas shopping. I think I have all of the little kids finished (after hours of online shopping for some safe toys for the itty bitty ones). All of you grown-ups on our list... we're struggling here. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what is on your list!

4. Perhaps this info is a little late, but Bitty has TWO teeth! They popped up a few weeks ago. We're fairly confident that he is working on a third on the bottom right.

5. Bitty is also SUPER DUPER close to standing on his own! Although we're terribly excited to see him developing so well, its also sad to see him getting so big :( You know his 1st birthday is coming up (in March).

6. Through Daniel's job, we adopted two children for the holidays. I requested girls (with visions of pink, ruffles, and BOWS dancing in my head). One of our little girls loves trucks and cars... go figure! It was still fun to shop for the two of them, and know that we are making their Christmas a little brighter!

7. Both of the boys woke up Saturday morning (and by morning I mean 2AM) with nasty colds. By nasty, I mean congested, runny nose, yellow snot bubble blowing colds. They seem to be on the mend, thanks to the Vick's Vaposteam Daddy picked up at the pharmacy. Its pretty nifty stuff. All you have to do is put some in the humidifier and it creates soothing vapors. We've notice a ginormous difference in their sleeping and breathing.

8. Bugman is becoming a 'little daddy' at Miss Kim's house. When I picked the Bugs up yesterday, another little guy had a piece of animal cracker on his face. Bugman was sure if was a "booga," and promptly found a Kleenex and wiped it off for him.

9. I have a new pet peeve. THESE! OK, so perhaps its not the shoes themselves, but rather the parents of the children wearing them. Why, oh why, would you let your child(ren) SKATE THROUGH THE GROCERY STORE ON A SATURDAY MORNING?!?!?! Its enough to make you want to trip them with your cart full of babies...

10. 6 SCHOOL DAYS UNTIL WINTER BREAK!! (not that I'm counting or anything!)

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