Wednesday, August 8, 2007

just like mommy

Anyone who knows me knows that I DO NOT like to get out of bed quickly. I prefer to just kind of easy into the day, perhaps doze off a few times before I actually get up. Well, lucky for us, the Bugman is just like his mommy. Somehow we have been blessed with a child that has no urgency in getting out of bed in the morning, or after his nap. Actually, if you go into his room to get him up, he will refuse, unless he is ready.

This has been wonderful. As we hear Bugman in the morning, we know that we can still ease into the day, because he will sing songs, read books, or talk to his fishy for a good twenty minutes before giving a holler for "MOMMY!" (Always mommy, therefore I feel obligated to go down and get him out of bed instead of sending daddy down.)

As you can see, Bugman's bed is rather crowded. You'll always find at least one book, two 'wonda bears' (his Pooh bear loveys), a baby Pooh doll, a glow worm, a dog that plays music, and always, always, his fleece duck blanket, that the child sleeps under no matter what the temperature. (apparently another of his mommy's traits, as I ALWAYS have a comforter on... wouldn't want the Boogy Man to get my toes!!)

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