Monday, August 20, 2007

better late than never

I am finally getting to posting Alexander's 2nd b-day pics. After his party, I got so busy trying to get ready for school, I have been a slacker on the blog. Yes, it is once again time for school. Only this year we are opening a brand new building, which means a lot more work before the year officially begins. My favorite part of my new room... THREE FLOOR TO CEILING WINDOWS!! Anyone who had been in my previous 'cave' knows this is a big deal.

Alexander started his birthday celebration Friday morning with a brand new tricycle waiting for him in the livingroom. Mommy and Daddy had put it together the night before. Perhaps I should say Mommy put it together, Daddy took it apart and put it together correctly (Hey, I try).

We went to Toys-r-Us where The Bugman picked out his first Hotwheels cars, and then headed over to Graeter's for some icecream. Of course, a couple of the new cars came along.

Saturday was official party day.

Playing Peek-a-boo with 'Ashy'

Playing in the pool.

Playing with new toys.

A Blue's Clues Cake

Learning to hit a Pinata.

A lot of candy for two kiddos.

After the pinata festivities were over, and there was a dog head hanging from a tree, and a body on the ground... I began to question this whole pinata thing...

We did manage to get a picture of Bitty Bug and his little cousin Jacob wearing matching shirts. And when I say little cousin, I mean 6 weeks younger. Shorty and his cousin are about the same height, although Kellan wins in roundness!

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