Tuesday, May 18, 2010

meeting the brothers

My babies tend to decide to make their appearance when we have other plans, or on days that are slightly inconvenient.  Alex arrived hours before Aunt 'Cole left for a trip, Kellan arrived on the day Aunt "Ashy's" state teaching evaluation, and I anticipated that this little guy would show up the day of Aunt "Ashy's" baby shower.  He held off four more days and arrived on the day of the big kids' hair appointment, which was really no big deal.  Daddy left the hospital, ran into work for a few minutes, picked the boys up at Miss Kim's and took them for their haircut (and thankfully got one for himself as well!) 

After a quick dinner, they headed over to the hospital to meet their new brother.  Kellan was immediately elated.  He climbed up onto the bed with me and wanted to hold "Baby Benny the Jet Rodriquez" (he may be a little obsessed with the movie "The Sandlot.")


We quickly learned that while he was immediately in love with this new little brother, that he would love him to death if given the chance.  He wanted to "help" him open his eyes, carry him across the room "all by myself," and get as close to his little face as possible.


He also didn't want to give anyone else a turn holding the Bennett.  The only thing that came in a close second was Mommy's "bandaide" (from my IV), and the five hospital bracelets on my right arm. (My favorite being the "fall risk" yellow bracelet from my epidural.)


"Kellan, whatever you do DON'T smile at Daddy!"  ... works like a charm :)


Alex was a little more apprehensive about holding his newest little brother.  I think it was mostly "Stage fright," as Aunt 'Cole, Uncle Josh, and Uncle Nick were also visiting.  Anyone who knows our biggest kid knows that he does not like to be the center of attention.


He was eventually coaxed into visiting with Bennett with the promise of a Hotwheel.  Yep, that's my kid :)


  1. Congratulations!!! Another handsome little boy! You are blessed. Enjoy them in all of their uniqueness and rambunctiousness.


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