Thursday, February 18, 2010

slave labor

Anyone who knows me knows that I need a few minutes to myself when I get home from school. Typically this means letting the Bugs have a snack and watch a cartoon on Nick Jr (which will always be Noggin to me). While I catch up on Facebook, blog reading, e-mail checking, or flipping through a magazine.

One day last fall Bitty snuck off to the bathroom (where I assumed he was going potty). Upon checking on him a few minutes later I found that he had:

1. Painted his forehead with nailpolish
2. Painted the floor with nailpolish
3. Sprinkled an entire container of Ajax EVERYWHERE!!!

Needless to say under the bathroom sink was the one place we had never put a safety latch. I panicked a slight bit (what happens when you mix nailpolish and Ajax?!?!?). I got Bitty cleaned up and the floor was cleaner than it had ever been by the time we were done. Except for the Ajax encrusted nailpolish spots... which still remain to this day, because I don't want to find out what might happen when you mix nailpolish, Ajax, AND nailpolish remover. Anyone want to come find out???

Needless to say we had a decision to make, install a safety latch, move everything up high, or change the way we think about cleaners. I chose number three. I found a great guide on Young House Love about non-toxic, homemade cleaners, and we haven't turned back.

My favorite thing about making our own cleaners?? I have slave labor right in my house now. Diluted vinegar?? Fabulous window cleaner!


Where are most of our dirty window streaks and fingerprints??


At Bug level.


And they are pretty sure spraying the windows and wiping them down is the best thing since sliced bread :)

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