Wednesday, November 14, 2007

almost normal

Ok, so calling our family 'normal' may be taking it a bit far, but as of Monday, we are a little closer to what I would consider to be so. A few posts back I had to delete some potentially exciting news because it was not official yet, and apparently there are a few readers out there that either worked with Daniel at Rey Rey, or know someone who worked with Daniel at Rey Rey. I was repremanded firmly for attempted to spread some NEW JOB info before all i's were dotted and t's were crossed. Well, now I can spill the beans (in case anyone didn't know, or figure it out)... Daniel has a new job! Better yet, his job title now includes the word "engineer!" He started this Monday at Leis Medical in Vandalia. From what I understand they do something medical and the man behind the company had the last name Leis. I'm an amazing wealth of knowledge aren't I?

For our family, this means no more 12-9 shifts, no more single daddy in the morning, no more single mommy in the evening, and we may have some clean laundry occassionally. We've even managed to sit at our kitchen table 4 nights in a row. The four of us were able to head the 'book store' to play with the 'twain' together. Well, Alex played with the train, Kellan slept in his carseat, I caught up on some gossip magazines, and daddy read about bartending (ummm, yeah, I don't know.... maybe he's already decided he needs to escape from us and become a bartender by night? Perhaps he's planning a 'stock the bar' party for our nonexistant bar? Maybe it was the first thing he saw when we walked in?)

Perhaps with our new 'normal' life, I'll have a little more time to update you all with Bugman and Bitty stories and pics! I have quite a few antecdotes to share, and pics on the camera just waiting to be uploaded... and unfortunately grad work to finish tonight... perhaps tomorrow? Stay tuned...

Whose swing is this anyway??

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